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• Rescue & Adoptions


We accept owned and stray cats to be put up for adoption. We do not require a donation to surrender a cat, but ask that you make one if you can. Our survival depends on donations and the goodwill of others who care about animals and support the work that we do.


All cats that are adopted from our organization are spayed or neutered, vaccinated for distemper and rabies, tested for leukemia and FIV, and treated for common internal or external parasites.


What we offer 

• Community Assistance


More than just a shelter, we travel into the local community to help people and their cats. Rather than see a cat surrendered to a shelter, we offer help that may allow a person to keep their cat.


When possible, we provide financial assistance for spaying and neutering and for emergency veterinary care for those who absolutely cannot afford it. If we cannot provide the service we will put you in touch with other groups who may be able to assist.


Transportation is available on a limited basis for those who do not drive or do not have access to transportation of their own.

• Behavioral Consulting


Furniture scratching, biting, elimination outside the litterbox - are some of the reasons that cats are surrendered to shelters. These 'behavioral problems' can often be solved if the guardian of the cat is willing to take the proper steps to resolve the problem.


We offer behavioral information and advice in the hopes that the cat can remain in its original home and avoid the trauma of being sheltered and re-homed or even abandoned.


Too often 'behavioral problems' are normal cat behavior that is just not tolerated by humans. Learning to redirect a cat's normal behavior to something that is acceptable can result in a peaceful solution without having to surrender the cat.


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