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Our Shelter


We work at creating a stimulating environment for our shelter cats both physically and mentally by providing a variety of climbing trees, shelves, interactive toys, music, and window views.

New cats entering our shelter are caged and quarantined for safety, stress reduction and disease control but eventually are integrated into the "free-roaming" population where they have access to toys, comfy places to hang out and each other for companionship if desired.
We have no limit on how long a cat stays at our shelter waiting for adoption as long as the cat remains healthy and adapts well to the shelter life. We do everything we can to improve the lives of cats in our care however, we do have to make difficult decisions when a cat is suffering from illness or injury, is a carrier of contagious disease, shows serious aggression towards people or other cats or is suffering physically or emotionally due to an inability to adapt to an indoor life or a new situation. We will not subject cats to living in cages for long periods of time and will not allow cats to live under duress.

Our goal is to provide a healthy and good quality life for the cats in the shelter and to assure the same in a permanent home.


Ava and Bonnie Lou enjoying the fresh air

Pistachio chillin' in the popular

cat swing

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