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ProjectCat, Inc is a non-profit, environmentally conscious, animal welfare organization dedicated to assisting felines in need in our local community.


Our mission is to alleviate suffering of cats by providing rescue, shelter and humane care with the ultimate goal of placing them into permanent homes.


We are an open-admission shelter meaning we do not discriminate against the type of cat coming into our shelter. We accept strays or owner-surrender cats, ill or injured cats, cats that have behavioral problems or are feral. If a cat is homeless or has no one to care for it we will accept it. However, our small size and limited staff means we have time and space constraints that logistically limit how soon we can offer assistance to people who contact us. We will take cats in the most dire of situations first.




Our purpose is to provide rescue, shelter, medical care, and permanent homes to felines in need however, we have a much broader scope.


In our effort to rescue cats we try to put things in perspective of the whole and try to make educated decisions that are in the best interests of the cat and of the environment in which it lives.


We seek to educate and broaden peoples' views about cats and their role in our society and the environment.


We use natural, biodegradable litters, high quality foods, and reduce waste by recycling. We purchase our supplies from and support local businesses like Lucas Pet Supply ( and Accord Plaza Feeds (

A beautiful gift to Project Cat from Martha Prakelt, Lisa Binasserie and Beverly Prakelt. Watercolor of Uncle Walter

and Lollie of their days at the shelter by mixed media artist

Haley Alyssa Bishop of Vermont (

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

We are advocates of keeping cats indoors for their own safety and so they will not negatively impact wildlife. We strongly support Cats Indoors - The Campaign for Safer Birds and Cats which was created by the American Bird Conservancy ( and supported by several veterinary associations and wildlife organizations. Visit their site for detailed information.


The numbers of unwanted, abondoned, and stray cats in this country are innumerable. And it is no less daunting right here in Ulster County. Concerned citizens often have nowhere to turn when an abandonded cat is found, or a litter of feral kittens is discovered beneath a porch or a sick or injured cat turns up in a yard. Too many people are turned away at their local shelter or rescue group because the shelters are filled to capacity with cats. We have over 16 years experience working with domestic cats both friendly and feral and offer our expertise regarding a variety of situations.


Gail Mihocko founded Project Cat, Inc in 2002 after doing cat rescue for 3 years and realizing the need for a cat facility in southern Ulster County. She is a biologist and birder who has spent several years studying the Common Raven in the Shawangunk Mountains. After practicing ecology and natural history for 10 years, she decided to follow her heart and instinct and devote her time and energy to help alleviate the horrendous overpopulation of stray and abandoned cats. She has lived with cats (and dogs) her entire life and hopes to pass on her compassion and knowledge of cats and other organisms that live on our planet.

Gail with her current dog, Logos, who spends his days among the shelter cats and sleeps with his own four cats at home.

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